Repaint Your Interior Rooms

Now that your garden and yard are wintering over, turn your attention to those “around the home projects” that are best performed when the weather turns colder. If it has been more than 7 years since you last painted your interior walls, now would be the right time to think about it. It is a project that almost anyone can do.

Once you have selected the color(s), and have taken the advice of your retailer as to which paint is right for your application, take the time to prep your walls before you open a can. This is the most important step in repainting any surface. It is also the most time consuming, however, the results are worth the trouble.

DIY Painting Takes Time But the Results Are Worth It!

Taking one room at a time, wash down the walls with a wrung-out sponge and warm, soapy water. Follow with warm water to remove any traces of soap. When performing this task, take note of any cracks, holes and imperfections. Be sure to take your time filling holes, repairing any cracks and sanding any blivets that are clearly visible. If you perform this step correctly, it will actually take longer to prep the walls than to paint them.

Once the walls are prepped, pour your primer or paint/primer combination into a paint pan. Using a roller, paint a W pattern being sure not to stop until the roller is out of paint and work quickly to ensure complete coverage. Use a brush to paint the 4-5” above baseboards and below ceilings and moldings. To ensure a clean line, use painters’ tape which is specially formulated to prevent leaks, yet removes without disturbing the finish.

It is a rare color that takes but one coat. Dark colors can take several coats to reach the desired tone. Have patience, and when at last you have applied the final coat, sit back and know you’ll enjoy your efforts for years to come!