Generations ago, houses were pretty basic. They consisted of a foundation, walls, windows, and a roof. Usually the heating system was made of cast iron and resided in the main room. There wasn’t much that could go wrong. Since the housing boom of the 1950s however, homes have become more comfortable with insulated walls, windows featuring multiple sheets of treated glass to retain or repel heat, gas, oil, electric, or solar-powered heating systems, security systems, technology that closes and locks doors, even turns on the lights and draws the drapes.

Technology and home innovations are great, yet each requires maintenance, and has a limited lifetime. Most homeowners, especially those purchasing their first home, may not know what to expect down the line to maintain their homes optimally. They may also want to be prepared and avoid unexpected and expensive repairs and replacement costs.  

Licensed home inspectors are the ideal choice for homeowners who want to know what to expect and when. Chances are a professional home inspection saved you possibly thousands of dollars when you bought your home, by pinpointing systems that were near the end of their lifespans. Today a thorough inspection will point out potential hidden dangers as well as to make suggestions for upgrades to enhance the quality of you and your family’s lives- such as increasing the amp service to your home. If you children are toddlers today, tomorrow they will be competing against you for every available kilowatt using their gaming systems, watching videos on TV, or their Smartphone or tablet.

Home inspectors can assist you to make decisions concerning your home today, that will benefit your family in future. If you are planning an extension, for example, will your home’s current heating and cooling systems be able to deliver sufficient comfort ‘year round? By having a professional home inspection every two to three years, you’ll receive the information you need to make house-related decisions.In the long run you’ll save money and increase your family’s quality of life.