Reinvent Your Home

Reinvent Your Home

Dream big and realize that you can achieve the feel of a new home without having to move. One of the great ironies of homeownership is that most houses reach their highest potential just when they are sold. The owners get by for years without improving or repairing their home. Does your house fall into […]

In the Home Buying Scenario, When to Call a Home Inspector

Did you know? The process of buying a home varies around the country. Most go through a real estate company to locate their home, while some others buy directly from the homeowners. Whether you use a realtor to locate your home or not, homebuyers generally will engage an attorney. Based on this process, you’ll soon […]

Upgrades That Are No Longer Value Adds

Before you go and spend your savings or obtain a loan to finance a significant upgrade to your home, review what homebuilders nationwide are no longer providing in their custom housing developments. Why? Either today’s buyers are no longer seeking these amenities, or these once very popular add-ons proved too expensive to maintain. This message […]

Own a Home? Why You Need to Know Its Current Value

Most families buy a home, settle in and plan to stay for a while, at least until the children finish school. We assume over that time period, that our home will increase in value, value that we can exchange for cash when the home is sold and use to buy another home, or to finance […]

Own a Home? Why You Need a Periodic Home Inspection

After your family, your home is your greatest investment. Maintaining your home’s structure as well as its systems is vital to both ensure your family’s safety and the value of your property. Everyone knows that proper maintenance is imperative to ensure that your home remains a safe place to live. The issue is, most homeowners […]

Protect Your Landscaping- Use Green Products to Melt Ice

Landscaping not only makes our homes more attractive, it increases their value as well. Shrubs and trees mature over time, represent a sizeable investment, and are irreplaceable if lost. Many homeowners have learned the meaning of the term “winter kill” when they evaluate their landscaping each Spring. Most, however, attribute dead shrubs, plants and even […]

How to Tell if Your Hot Water Heater Needs Replacement

If you’ve purchased a home in the last decade, and have not replaced your hot water heater, you’ll want to check it routinely to avoid possible property losses and insurance claims. Hot water heaters have a lifetime- after the age of 10 most begin to deteriorate, leading to canister leaks, which, if not remediated, will […]

Get It Sold for Top Dollar: Best Value-Add Interior Remodeling Projects

If you’re selling your current home, you probably do not want to spend a great deal to make it look fresh and inviting to buyers. Everyone knows that remodelling a bath or upgrading a kitchen can reap huge benefits. However, additional space and storage options are always in demand. For the more budget conscious, simple […]

Get it Sold for Top Dollar: Best Value-Add Exterior Remodeling Projects

Selling your home?  Know that it is very important to keep up appearances. Well-kept homes receive higher offers faster, as a well-maintained exterior signals to potential buyers that the entire home has been cared for. Making sure that your home’s siding is not caked in moss and mold, or that gutters are not hanging, keeping […]