If you’re selling your current home, you probably do not want to spend a great deal to make it look fresh and inviting to buyers. Everyone knows that remodelling a bath or upgrading a kitchen can reap huge benefits. However, additional space and storage options are always in demand. For the more budget conscious, simple upgrades like paint or repurposing rooms can make a big difference, also. Here are a few tips to help you make the best remodeling choices to attract higher offers.

  1. Attic Conversion: More people are renting space at storage facilities than ever before. That means attic space is being underutilized. Depending on the size of your home, an attic to a basic bedroom conversion could cost as little as $5,000. According to Remodeling Magazine, the return on investment is about 85%. Be aware that homes with more bedrooms generally command higher prices, especially if an en suite bathroom is added as well. Did anyone say master bedroom with en suite?

  2. Second-Story Addition: If yours is a starter home and you want to cast a wider net for buyers, consider costing out a second-story addition. Have several local contractors provide estimates, and make these a part of your sales sheets. This way prospective homebuyers can see your home’s potential, which could lead to an offer.

  3. Add a Fireplace:  Fireplaces sell home. Prices and options vary. A simple portable electric fireplace with mantle can cost a few hundred dollars, but could create an ambience that gets offers coming in. This is worth considering if your home has been on the market over 90 days.

  4. Basement Remodel:  Many couples are seeking additional space for their growing families, so consider reclaiming this long-neglected space. The simplest route is to waterproof the walls, paint them, and organize the space into different purposes using area rugs, not walls, to separate. There are also wall panel systems that are mold and mildew proof, as well as contractors who specialize in renovating basements to their client’s individual needs. The ROI for this remodel averages 75%.

  5. Repurposing a Room: If you’re an empty nester and have repurposed bedrooms into sewing rooms, guest quarters, and home offices, now is the  time to return them to their original purpose. To most buyers, the more bedrooms and bathrooms, the better!

Most of us would rather put extra funds into our next home rather than overspend on upgrade to our current abodes. Consult to learn more about which upgrades will court higher offers, to maximize your spend!