Most families buy a home, settle in and plan to stay for a while, at least until the children finish school. We assume over that time period, that our home will increase in value, value that we can exchange for cash when the home is sold and use to buy another home, or to finance a comfortable retirement. Many do not realize it, but when their home is put on the market, it is in competition with other homes in their area that meet the same criteria. Home buyers are always looking for the best value possible. So it just makes good sense to have a realtor provide an appraisal with ‘comps’ (comparables) every few years. This way, homeowners can see what upgrades their neighbors and those in neighboring developments have made to increase their home’s values.

What is Your Home Worth Today?

There are other reasons homeowners may wish to engage a realtor to appraise their home. The realtor they initially purchased their home from may have moved on, and this way, by establishing a cordial relationship with another agent assures that when the time comes to list their property, they will have been advised as to the best way to present their home for optimal offers.

Still other considerations are upgrades that the current homeowner may have made which they failed to add to their insurance coverage. The addition of a swimming pool, for example, demands an increase in liability insurance, a valuable point that may have been missed when this upgrade was installed. A realtor has the property owner’s best interests at heart and can not only let homeowners know the current value of their house, but also how to make it more competitive in the housing market in the future. For a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation, please give our office a call to make your appointment.