Landscaping not only makes our homes more attractive, it increases their value as well. Shrubs and trees mature over time, represent a sizeable investment, and are irreplaceable if lost. Many homeowners have learned the meaning of the term “winter kill” when they evaluate their landscaping each Spring. Most, however, attribute dead shrubs, plants and even trees, to harsh winter winds, and below zero temperatures.

In fact, plants that fail to winter over, often die from runoff from the salt and chemicals homeowners use to clear their walks and driveways from ice and snow. While highly effective in keeping pathways clear in temperatures over 24°F, most ice melt products are toxic and should not be used near lawns, plantings and where pets are allowed to roam.

Protect Your Landscaping and Clear Away Dangerous Ice

What is a good alternative? There are many organic products that those on farms and in rural areas use to keep walks, driveways and pathways clear, such as exotic blends of sawdust and beet juice, or alfalfa meal and pickle brine! For suburbanites, there are effective granular products that are salt-free, and these are now widely available. While green ice removal products cost a bit more than traditional ice melt products, the reward is landscaping that survives harsh weather to make your yard and home a more attractive, and valuable place.